Power and Data Management

Modular Solutions for New Energy Infrastructure

About us

With decades of experience in electrical infrastructure, operations, maintenance and asset financing, our company is constantly evolving and growing to support our clients. We provide a wide range of modular solutions to data centers, telecom carriers, and energy storage providers.


Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps everyone. If you want to learn more, contact us.

Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof, shipping container for remote or special application.

Flow batteries are one of the best solutions in development for the future of storage systems used with renewables.

Skid-mounted tranformers and electrical infrastructure packaged for quick deployment at the base of a cell tower, atop a multi-story building, or adjacent to a substation feeding renewable energy onto the grid.

Special resources

Advisory Services - PDM is your  experienced business advisor on deal structures, asset financing, negotiations, site planning and project management.

Design & Construction Management - PDM can manage your project from design development through to turnkey construction for your infrastructure needs.

Operations Management - PDM has years of operations & maintenance management experience for data centers, renewable energy systems, and power generation infrastructure.

At PDM, we work to combat climate change by enabling clean and reliable electricity through innovation in renewable energy storage, and through using higher efficiency systems that commonly waste power. Utilizing a unique approach to the circular economy that integrates energy waste for beneficial reuse at unprecedented economics, PDM innovates to accelerate the shift to a fully renewable world.


Energy storage is a “force multiplier” for carbon-free energy. It allows for the integration of more solar, wind, and distributed energy resources, and increases the capacity factor of existing plants to avoid the need for new thermal generation. PDM’s contributions to energy storage infrastructure and efficient high-performance data centers have enabled communities across the US to increase their grid reliability and stability.




Commitment to Clean & Affordable Energy

PDM was started to solve one of the largest global problems facing the planet today, how to apply renewable energy and efficiency improvements in both an economical and sustainable way to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.


Passion for Innovation

PDM enhances established technologies with proprietary design, advanced computer control, and vision to create economic breaktrhoughs in energy efficiency and storage.


Dedication to Responsible Production

PDM’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our circular approach to production design which includes using recyclable materials and water-saving methods for cooling.


Collaboration through Global Partnership

In partnership with our network of leading technology suppliers and strategic customers, PDM works to transform the use of affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity at scale.