Power and Data Management



Our custom container systems are built with high-resistance steel resulting in a strong structure, well-suited for harsh environments at a low cost and fast buildout. Our designs have been in use in installations around the world, so they are field-tested and proven to operate optimally, whether the environment is frigid or temperate, arid or humid. Our Modular Data Centers can support High-Performance Compute applications in remote locations at the Edge, or in parking lot located in a metropolitan city's Downtown.  We currently market 40-foot containers with two sizes of capacity and can customize them to your specifications, as well as transformers for stepping down High Voltages.


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The PDM OreBox-1500

This edge data center solution

can support up to 1,500kW of capacity,

supporting up to 432 units of mining hardware

similar to Bitmain S19/S17 or MicroBT M30S.


OreBox-1500 Specifications

OreBox-1500 Images

OreBox-1500 CAD Video

The PDM OreBox-1200

This edge data center solution

can support 1,200kW to 1,354kW of capacity,

supporting up to 336 units of mining hardware

similar to MicroBT M30S or up to 324 of Bitmain S19.


OreBox-1200 Specifications

OreBox-1200 Images


PDM provides a variety of three-phase oil-filled,

pad-mounted transformers with power ratings of

45-5000kVA, with Primary Voltage Classes from 600V,

5kV, 15kV, 25kV, and 35kV. All are UL listed.


Transformer Brochure